Best Travel Destinations for Photographers

wilderness beach western cape south africa

Me on Wilderness Beach at sunset — Western Cape, South Africa 

As happens, you often meet up with photographers on your travels both domestic and abroad and one of the questions I often get asked is what do you think the best travel destinations are for photographers or where are you going next? 

There are two criteria that dictate my destination; budget and interest. In sourcing holiday destinations, travel websites appear to be fixated on the idea that customers already know where they wish to travel. I personally would like options based on my budget — a radius of availability. Surprise me and I won’t have to end up with the rest of the world in the same destination and then having to photoshop tourists out of my images. There are a number of places in winter that are just as warm as European summers.

Kayak’s Explore is a great tool that appeals to budgets. 

Back to destinations — one of the all time favourites has go to be Iceland and appears to be at the top of most photographers bucket lists with its mysteriously intriguing and raw landscape — almost as we imagine the world was before man came along. But if you’re looking for original as I do, try some of these for size offering a variety of city to rural settings. Some of these are a little edgy in that you need to keep your wits about you and use common sense but photographic opportunity abounds. Sometimes it is difficult travelling alone with equipment — one always has to keep one eye open but that is all part of the journey.

India, Ethiopia, Iran, Burma, Guatemala, Bhutan, Japan, Mongolia, Cuba, Tibet, Sweden, Vietnam, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa

Every photographer has their own preference based on their own criteria and not everyone is into travel photography and some might find some destinations a little too arduous for lugging equipment around. For example, a small thing —  I recently travelled to Thailand and took my Canon 5D MK III with a 2.8 24-70mm USM lens and in 85% or higher humidity with the sun beating down, it became impractical lugging the camera around. I was only there for a few days so I didn’t feel too guilty but had I been there longer, I would have made more of an effort.

Here are some examples of destinations that I found that could help set you on your way — The World’s Best Destinations for Travel Photography in 2017 on the Forbes website. But also, find inspiration in 2017 Sony World Photography Awards where many of the shots were taken by amateurs, and Jack Morris, an avid traveller — his instagram feed is great!

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